dimanche 29 septembre 2013

Wow again?

♥ I didn't post since a lonnng time.. I could talk about my London trip with my boyfriend or about how the japan expo was cool with my friends. But Know I juste will talk about what happen's recently! To start I get a new hard job.. But know I'm free every weekend until Xmas...
We also will move to an other house with my family, quite the same place. But our house~ I will get a smaller bedroom. Not for a long time because I wish I would soon leave my parents to flyyy away.
I will make a very last video of how was my bedroom here I think.
So as we moove I go many time at the thrift shop to donate all our old stuff. Yesterday I went with my best friend forever.

♥ We had fun and found some cool stuff for our next HALLOWEEN PARTYYY!! Last Weekend we also went to a concert at Nantes ( Carbon Airway, La femme and Sexy Sushi) it was totally crazyyyy omg. Such good memory!! Also for the next pic:
1) left hand corner: concert
2) right hand corner: didn't you know that I was not a so kawaii desu monster?
3) left bottom corner: Halloween costume project like zombie Marie Antoinette (a project.....)
4) right bottom corner: old things I found in my house