vendredi 15 mars 2013

Fuji instax 210

♥ So, I get a great thing. A fuji instax, with big photos!! I ask my brother for taking a photo with me and the beast (because it's pretty HUGE omg) not my best side buuuuuut whattttever.
I will put a little explanation on each photooos.

Philosophy school of Salamanca

Cute pit for lovers in a cute park (with a huuge aloe vera)

The view from the old bridge of salamanca, seem like a painting isn't it?

Legual absenta in spain (not that good he) also vodka cannabis.

Sky behind my house, with dust on the photo seem like stars? LOL 
Oke. The on I'm the most proud of  è_è My boyfriend took it (with flash and dark mode)
I love this one.

END è_è

mardi 5 mars 2013


♥ With My great friend Charlie we always go to thrift/charity shop to fing okd cheap stuff. And I always buy some glass jars and so on. I thought about making somme cool green styff and so I did.
I pick up some licken, moss, fern, flowers, even weeds and made this! I put down there some photos.

- I put some suff here and there (stuff from "emmaus" of course) and my garage.

- I LOVE this plant on the right bottom corner! I just take a leaf and make it grown!

- Hope it won't die haha..

- Here my favourite one, that is simply amazing!

- Zoom!

- Here A little project that I buy at "Nature & Decouverte", it would be a Lotus Flower!

♥ I would never be able to tell how I LOVE green plants! There are like two others big ones in my bedroom. My mom always put green plant everywhere in the house since I was a child, It's because of her haha!