mardi 19 février 2013

Dressing up

Soo, someone ask me where I dress up (in France as well most of the time in Nantes and other small citys around but also Paris and so one)

We spoke a lot about where to find cool stuff about decora/spank fashion in the Rainbow Team♥ more precisely there!
To my mind I will repeat some stuff but here in english and in a more personally way.

First of all I will put some outfits as exemple:

As you can see in the life of every day I wear a more casual look. Alwais with over-the-knees things (skirts or shorts). Usually black, blue, pink. But also some other colors ,even if most of the time, no more than three or four.
Then at some special occasions I wear a kind of decora/hadeko style, pink or rainbow, pastel some times.

I will know give you some well known tips that I follow to find great stuff:

1) Check all the chop you see. Even if it seem so cheap that even if (or especially if) you'r grandma won't check it. Check it. It's in one of them that I found socks or some piece that I could  dye or sew in an other way.

2) Check any kind of shop. Even if it's a bazar, or a shop of toys for childrens, you could find handsome stuff like a metallic legging or an amazing necklace.

3) Check every single corner of the shop. Never forget the kid corner (girls and boys), Guys (adult corner), and large (because large is cool). Obviously you won't by this amazing tees with Minnie Mouse on it size 3 year old. But some socks (the larger size of the corner) and some skirt (12-14 years) should probably fit!

4) Save money. I mean. don't buy this fucking expensive piece of shit. (by expensive I mean expensive, a peace between 50 or 60 € is oke once or twice a year I think? Shoes not included), You probably don't need it or find something that also fit well. If you think that you will really buy it, think about it, let the link in your fav's a little while and wait to see.

5) Buy used/vintage, especially on real charity shop and etsy these are somme good stuff at something like what? 10€? It's more than okay haha. But always keep in mind that you should just buy it if you will wear it.

6) SEW!!! It's always a good way to express yourself and stay unique. If you are not good at it take lessons or tell you'r mom/ Grandmom?

7) I won't make a list of good shop because it really depend. On day it could be cool and the next day it could change...

I think that is all I have to say and it's know late, oh no early. So. If you have any questions tell me I will probably edit this post! seeyaa


lundi 11 février 2013

Mise à jour de reflexion

Hola. Here I update my blog to speak about me. These time I thought that I change, not in a bad way, I just change. I get a job, so I can't dress as the decora all the day of the week as I use to during this past year.
I can't spend that much time dressing up as I like.
When I go outside, now, I usualy wear a more casual look, kind of soft pastel and dark. I won't define myself as a "pastel goth" because I hat all tha pastel goth and to me I'm a little bit more than that. I don't wear brand. I creat some of my items. So I'm more than  a gal that put a pastel pull over and dark legging and dark studed shoes.
Now I dress up in a Harajuku way several time a month like 2 or 3... I make me sad but I also realise that I don't feel that exiting about harajuku. As I did.
I still like and feel a kind of happy when a see a cool snap, a cool blog, a cool party. But I have that exiting feeling when you stalke people and find information and thought about this nex fashion that don't still has a name and so one.
You see?
I felt sad a year ago when Mnon told me something similar. I didn't understand while hoping it won't happens to me.
And here we are.
It's like a big face of my life shut down and became less important. To let place to some other faces.
I could say that I feel less socialy awkward than I use to. Or maybe it's people who changed...
I feel good like if I couldn't feel really depressed any more.
So since september it like I start a new "me".