dimanche 13 mai 2012


♥ Hiiiii~ I will just post my outifits for the last two weeks! I would spoke about it. I dress like this every time in school. i find it amazing haha. Nobody told me anything ヽ(´▽`)ノ huh....
And I would say that. Snap yourself everyday is cool. You have many more ideas of what to make new or different!
To me who is dressing "decora" many times, it's difficult to make new outfit when you dont have many/new clothes ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ 
I Don't buy maaanyyy clothes becasuse I don't really have the money/time to shop...
I will soon receive a package from Criic who is in japan right now~ I'm Happy!
└(★o★)┐ (am I using too much emot? LOL)
I will say something about each of my outfits!

haha I missed my hairdress this day... I really like these rainbow socks!

It was more a "dark" outfit (because of the teeshirt and the socks)

It was a simple outfit. I didn't like it so much.

A pink outfit! I made a similar one at a Rainbow Team meeting. But not the same socks/teeshirt

It was a friday outfit, one of my favorite! My hair was perfect. I tried something new with my chocomint neacklace~

Here I wear my 6% elastic in an other way that usual

It was a kind of a 6% doki doki outfit *feel dokidoker*
I tried something with the bows!

Here the last (NEW BACKGROUND OMG) It was a kind of "galactic" inspiration outfit~

♥ I don't have many necklace... *poor girl I am* I should buy some new!! *don't even wear all she already has*
♥ I wear all my outfits with my purple doc martens here! My pink shoes are grimy...

I hope you enjoyed (*゜Д゜)