samedi 3 mars 2012

Kawaii International!

♥ I watch the TV show Kawaii International! Because I have NHK on my TV (and Mnon made me remember about this show)
I missed the programming of 5 pm so I had to wait for the issuance of 11:10 PM... (and it is a very late hour for me...)
The program lasts 50 minutes and it is separated in several topics.

♥Here a video of the scheme:

♥ Here the three presenters, I don't know them...

♥ They started by talking about hair and hair salon and tips.

♥ Then they spoke about three girl and their outfit.

♥ After that it was about a lolita contest all around the world..

♥ And a Make up tutorial that I found interresant because it deals with fake eyelash and fake eyelash are my new bestfriends!

♥ I found a video on egl community!

♥ Finally they spoke about a spanish Gyaru team.

♥ And the program ended...

♥ I expected more kawaii and more Harajuku (because Sebastian Masuda is a member of the project) I hope they will speak about decora, takeshita and some other cool stuff next time..